Systemlink no longer maintains in-house support capability for discontinued products manufactured by third parties. Please call the manufacturer or current distributor with any questions. Purely as a service to past customers and to any other interested parties, we list below any literature we have on file for these products. This material may not be up to date, and we take no responsibility for its use by any third party.

Underfloor heating

Hydronic underfloor heating - floor types

Hydronic underfloor heating - installation and user guide

Hydronic underfloor heating - sales brochure

Hydronic underfloor heating - wiring schematic


Old catalogue chapters



Heat pumps

Hydronic underfloor


Spares, fittings, valves


SolarLink and SunLink

SolarLink brochure

SolarLink collector specifications

Solarlink dimensions

Solarlink installation manual

Sunlink flat panel collector datasheet



Heat pumps


Calorex air-to-water operating instructions

Dimplex air-to-water installation manual

Dimplex air-to-water sales brochure

Dimplex geothermal installation brochure

Dimplex geothermal sale brochure

Geothermal sales brochure


Optistat Optistat user guide